K9 Training Resources and Articles

The K9 Training and Informational Articles presented here are only a sampling of the Articles available. With a USPCA membership, there are over 60 articles for you to review. Information and validation of training are important for the success of a canine team. Come, and explore our Library. 

General Information

United States Police Canine Videos for Supervisors

Guidance on Policies and Practices for Patrol Canines

K-9 Training Principles for the Modern Operating Environment by Steve White

Training beyond Certification by Training for Failure


Testing for a proper Police Dog 
Preparing for the "Long Run" 
The Learning Curve by Don Sterling
What affects a K9 Team's success? 

I am a Police Service Dog 

The Start is the Most Difficult Part

Basic Police Working Dog Training Academy: Things That Should Be Considered Before Making Your Choice By Bubba Howell

Glossary of Terms often used in Police Canine Training, Deployments, Depositions, and Court Room Situations

Navigating the Police K-9 Import Business by Steve Pearson

Best Practices in Contemporary Canine Policing by Scott Sargent

The Role of Bug Dogs in Forensic Investigations by Susan M. Stejskal, PhD, DABT (retired)

 The smaller agency dilemma for use of force K-9’s By Dr. David "Lou" Ferland

 Law Enforcement Canine – Going Away or Staying? - It is Up to Us By John Kerwick

Behavior Conditioning

Negative Punishment

Not Using Force in Police Dog Training

Body Language

Promoting Positive Training Methods


Advanced Tracking

Canine Health 

2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and Companion Animals

Understanding Heat Injury

2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and Companion Animals
Canine Field DECON
Protecting the Law Enforcement Canine from the Opioid Epidemic by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS
Pushing the Limits and K9 Fitness by Erica Boling
Handling Police Canine Medical Emergencies by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS

Naloxone Reversal of Intravenous Fentanyl on Odor Detection in Working Dogs

Keeping an Eye on the Target: Maintaining a Mission Ready K9 by Erica Boling

CONTROLLED CHAOS Guidelines for Increasing Stamina & Endurance by Erica Boling

Keys to Canine Health by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS

Ebola and the Law Enforcement Canine by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS

Understanding Heat Injury

Rapid Response to Injury  by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS

Cyanide Toxicity and the Working Canine by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS

Rethinking Heat Injury in Working Dogs

 Canine influenza update by Dr. Paul McNamara DVM, DACVS

Understanding Heat Injury in the Operational Canine

Controlled Chaos: Guidelines for Increasing Stamina & Endurance by Erica Boling


Changing Graham Standard by Scott Sargent

Model Canine Police by Scott Sargent

Model Administrative K9 Manual  1-2023 by Scott Sargent

Agency Liability Issues by Michael Kmiecik

A guide to Effectively presenting body-camera Evidence at Trial by Eugene Ramirez

Canton v. Harris A Retrospective on Constitutionally Adequate Police Training by Eugene P. Ramirez & Lynn Carpenter

United States Police Canine Association’s Position On Patrol Canine Handler Core Competencies Framework



How to Manage Distractions In Police K9 Detection Work

The Police K9 webinar is for anyone interested in learning more about how to tell the difference between a dog “interested” in an odor vs. a dog working on trained odor.


How Dogs Learn

This video gives you a baseline on how dogs learn and will be the focal point for future videos.



Residual Odor - What is it, and How do you explain it


Techniques for K9 Vehicle Searches

This video describes the productive areas to search on vehicles.  


How Your Dog's Nose Knows So Much