If you have been a member anytime since 2019 and you need to renew,  you should click on the below link and use your log in credentials to proceed.   IF YOU ARE A NEW MEMBER,  SEE BELOW WHERE YOU WOULD JOIN!  If you have questions or need your log in credentials (existing members),  contact Secretary Ruopp at [email protected] .     The renewal period for a new year begins around the 1st of December.  


Full Membership to this Association shall be open to any active full-time paid law enforcement officer, whether Federal, State, County or Municipal, who is a canine handler, trainer or administrator, pending approval of regional elected officers.  This shall include members of the Military Police who may be canine handlers, trainers, or administrators. Any full member may continue as such in the event he or she enters military service and later returns to canine law enforcement on a full-time basis.  See below for information on Membership types.   

Please note that regional elected officials must approve memberships for their respective regions.

If you are not currently a LE officer,  (civilian)  please read carefully on the membership types below.   If you are not a LE officer,  you cannot certify with the USPCA in any area except Detection work & tracking,   and we must obtain a letter from a LE agency which you have or could do work for (if they needed you) to verify your work,  if you do want to participate in a certification.     We realize this sounds harsh,  but our name is the US POLICE Canine Association,  which means we do want to cater specifically to LE officers or those folks that do work primarily for LE.   * see below membership types 


It's easy to join!  NEW MEMBERS -  WELCOME!  JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO JOIN!    We recommend using a personal email vs a department email, as our domain is often bounced by department email security.    

Online Application   (NEW members only)


To join as a new member,  just click on the link above.   RENEWAL members will receive an invoice that will link them to the payment area and you can also log in and renew from your profile starting in 2021.   Your profile area will take the place of the old "application".  It is very important that you update your profile!    Any questions on this,  contact the Executive Director or the National Secretary.     Everyone who was a member last year will already have their profile information dumped in from the old system.  

 Clicking on this link as a new member will offer you the opportunity to pay directly online,  or print out an invoice to submit to your agency.  

Which membership is right for me?

  • Regular - Those who have never been a member of the USPCA and are an active full-time law enforcement officer (Federal, State, County or Municipal) who is a canine handler, decoy, trainer or administrator.    This membership status allows for certifications in our trials as long as the dog is assigned to you as your working K9.   See Rules and Bylaws for other requirements.    
  • Renewal - Renewal of membership which runs January 1st through December 31st.
  • Associate - An association membership may be held under the following conditions:
    • A person who trains canines for an established law enforcement agency.
    • A retired full-time paid law enforcement officer, whether Federal, State, County or Municipal, who was a canine handler, trainer, or administrator, pending approval of regionally elected officers.  This shall include members of the military police that may be retired canine handlers, trainers or administrators.
    • Associate membership must have the approval of Regional Elected Officers.
    • Associate membership shall have voting privileges but cannot hold regional or National Office.
  • Special - Detector Dog Handlers whose work is done primarily for Law Enforcement, but are not employed by a Law Enforcement Agency full time. Those who fall into this category may be granted Special membership to the USPCA with sponsorship in writing from a LEA who they have worked for as well as approval from the Region Board in which they reside.  You must provide this documentation to certify. 
  • Dual - Members who wish to belong to another USPCA region in addition to their primary demographic region.
  • Life - Complimentary membership for those who have been a USPCA member every year for 30 or more years.

If you are not sure or have questions, contact us[email protected] 

Provisions are provided in the By-Laws for the establishment of Regions (25 Members) and also for local Districts (10 Members).  These regions and districts are rapidly being formed throughout the United States.