The USPCA has a rich history of members.    Our Founding Fathers gave their time and expertise to make the USPCA into the best K9 Association possible.    On this page,  we would like to honor some of those amazing members for their work.    

Kevin Widner             January 26th,  1957  -    July 6th,  2024 

  Judge #183          Life Member 

Captain (ret) Kevin Widner,  with the Polk County Sheriffs office in Florida passed away July 6th, 2024 after a long fought battle with cancer.   Kevin was a long time handler and a USPCA life member.   Kevin was certified in 1987 as a regional PDI judge and in 1995 was approved as judge #183,  National PDI judge.  He was also a Level I trainer,  having achieved that status in 1989.   Kevin Judged over 1600 dogs in service to the USPCA.    He will be deeply missed by his family and his USPCA Region 1 Family as well.  



Terry Schoenborn     September 25th, 1936  -  November 11, 2023  

   Judge #137   Life Member   

Terry joined the USPCA in 1982 and was one of our amazing founding fathers.    He Worked for the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office in Florida,  handling several police canines.    Terry was a National Judge and Level III Emeritus Trainer.     Terry had a deep love of God,  his wife Vergie,  his church and K9.   Terry judged well over 1500 dogs during his time as a judge for the USPCA.    Terry was National Judge #137 and that number has been officially retired under his name.   Terry was very active within the USPCA and attended the National Field Trials just a month before his death.    He will be fondly remembered by the USPCA for his sense of humor and his bare feet - always judging,  no matter what the temperature,  in bare feet!     


James Matarese     October 6, 1953 -  September 9, 2023  

      JUDGE #231      Life Member 

Jim joined the USPCA in early 1987,  handling a dual purpose police K9 for the US Park Police.   Working his way up from just a handler,   to eventually hold every position within the USPCA both regionally and Nationally.    Jim was a National Judge,  Level III trainer and served as National President from 2006 to 2011.   Jim was National Judge #231 and that number has been officially retired under his name.   At the time of his death,  Jim was serving as our National Treasurer.   He will be fondly remembered for his sense of humor,  love of donuts and bacon,  and for his vast knowledge of the USPCA.    


 William Hollister   March 10, 1943 -  May 22nd,  2023  

   JUDGE #147   Life Member 

Bill was a member of Region 5,  joining the USPCA as a founding member of Region 5.   Bill worked for the Middletown Division of Police in Ohio, handling and training Police K9's during his time with the department.  Bill was a National Judge,  Level III Trainer and definitely one of the most knowledgeable judges you could find on the field!  Bill was National Judge #147 and that number has been officially retired under his name.   Bill judged or certified well over 4300 dogs during his time with the USPCA and will be fondly remembered for his teddy bear size and of course,  his amazing laugh.   Although he looked intimidating,  he was one of the kindest people you would ever meet.