Scorekeeper Guidelines and Certification

The USPCA is always looking for anyone interested in becoming a scorekeeper!   Regional Scorekeepers who have been working behind the scenes at regional trials are encouraged to seek National Certification!   Contact Lynn Howell for information and see the forms below!     


Requirements for National Scorekeeper Certification


Guidelines and Requirements for Scorekeepers


Application for National Scorekeeper

Scorekeeper responsibilities vary from Region to Region.   However,  one important responsibility of the scorekeeper is to check spelling of names.  With the Chief Judges help,   the scorekeeper should attempt to make sure that every name,  dog name and department name is spelled correctly.  National Scorekeepers have a lot more responsibility during National Trials to include confidentiality until the close of trial,  triple checking everything, etc.   Regional and National scorekeepers should never alter, change or guess a entry made by a judge in the field.  All of these should be returned to the judge who completed the scoresheet and that judge should make the appropriate alternation if needed and initial.   

The Committee Chairpersons request that all applications be submitted 60 days prior to the next National meeting.  Anything received late may be held until the following meeting.   National Meetings are held in the spring at Detector Nationals and in the fall at National Field Trials.