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Police Canine Teams are used throughout the United States. Their primary function is to use the canines superior olfactory (sniffing) capabilities to locate Bombs, Narcotics, Sources of fires, Humans (Criminal suspects as well as lost or vulnerable Persons), Cadaver, Tracking and others.

Maintaining canine teams is an ongoing daily and monthly process involving behavior conditioning and handler knowledge, as well as applying many training scenarios to test the unit's effectiveness. The Canine Handler must learn how to deploy the canine in many different conditions and environments.

For 49 years, we have provided certifications in many of the canine disciplines. The canine handler receives feedback on the functioning of the team at their current training phase.

The United States Police Canine Foundation offers training in a variety of ways. We use training seminars on a local and national platform to keep canine teams at the top of their field. These include instruction for canine teams and their supervisors provided by instructors from all over the world. The latest techniques and strategies are examined and put to use to optimize canine productivity.

You can help us make a difference and support Law Enforcement Canine Teams with your donation to our tax-exempt 501-C3 Foundation. Every donation can make a difference in the lives of Police K-9 officers. Have the satisfaction of helping these officers in need today.

ABOUT THE USPCA FOUNDATION- Donations are Tax Deductible

The USPCA has established a companion Non-Profit 501-C:3 FOUNDATION that is funded by sponsors, families, private partners, USPCA members, bequeaths, and other supporters who provide funds for innovative programs that produce humane state of the art training, education, research, and survivor support. For example, funds help to support our industry-leading National and Regional Training Seminars and Certifications.


Your donation will help assist officers, agencies, and communities served by police service dog programs.

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