The United States Police Canine Association, Inc. (USPCA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) have agreed to form an alliance.  One of the benefits of this alliance is AKC Reunite, Adopt a K-9 Cop matching grant. Our association with AKC allows us to sponsor USPCA members for grants to purchase canines. How this works:

  1. Limited to Law Enforcement
  2. Departments must agree to display the AKC Reunite car logo on their police vehicle.
  3. The USPCA can sponsor your requests, but you must be a member of the USPCA.     JOIN HERE 
  4. If you raise or commit $2500, AKC Reunite’s contribution shall not exceed the lesser of 75% of the total cost or $7500
  5. A letter on department letterhead is needed confirming you have raised the $2500.
  6. You must include the following documentation with your application:
    1. Completed W-9
    2. Proof of 501 C-3 status, if applicable


  •    Applications must be in writing on the designated form or in the approximate format provided.  Do not remove or omit any of the application’s questions. If a question is not applicable to your organization, please answer with N/A.
  •    To apply, submit the following application in a hard-copy format (Sections A, B, C D, and E). Emailed versions are acceptable in portable document format (PDF) form only. Do not fax the grant application.
  •    Retain one copy of the application for your records.  Multiple copies, videotapes, or other attachments will not be accepted.
  •    Do not bind the application with staples or folders or put them into binders, as we must be able to separate and copy the application. Paper clips and binder clips are permitted. 
  •    You will be contacted by telephone or email if there are any discrepancies or concerns regarding the application.
  • Applicants will receive a Grant Follow Up email from AKC REUNITE annually.
  • A grant application must be signed by an officer in a supervisory capacity, usually a Lt or higher

Submit applications to Mark Darnell at the following email:    [email protected]

Download Application Here