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We have a video posted on YouTube with instructions on how to use the program:   CLICK HERE
Most of the answers to common issues can be found on the instructions tab once you open a program.  We find that generally speaking,  even those of us with little to no excel experience,  can navigate the program with very little trouble.  Below are some common areas that seem to cause issues here and there.  

 Judges and Scorekeepers Tab:     

Chief Judges number should be just left of the Chief Judges name.  You do not have to enter that twice.  (like below the chief judge line with the other judges)  It will show the correct numbers of dogs judged on the Chief Judges line.   

 The number assigned to the chief judge,  or then numbers assigned to the other judges must match what you put in the green area above the yellow entry area.   So if you use N1 on the scorekeepers page,  it must say N1 in the green area on the phase tabs.    If you see it is not copying over the correct numbers from the yellow area to the judges sheet,  then check these numbers.   Delete them and re-enter them.   

Please double check to make sure you have ALL the judges on the judges list.   You can see easily that one is missing if you only have totals for four judges and there should be five.  (or two and there should be three)     Remember,  all programs with the exception of the tracking trials,  use THREE OR FIVE judges.    Chief Judges should know this by now,  but you may need to remind them and move someone to a novice judge.  Their scores still count toward their future certifications!     Tracking trials USE TWO SCORING JUDGES ONLY per participant.   

Handler/Dog tab -  Biggest issue I see here is misspelled names or missing info.   Also note the Rookie dog,  CA removed (for PDI) and EDD certification check boxes.   You'll also find a Marijuana or no marijuana designation on the narcotic testing.   Make sure you have completed these check boxes appropriately.    This info makes the rest of the program work correctly. 

Certification Totals tab -  This is just a double check for the Chief Judge or for the scorekeeper at the end of the trial.  It confirms the rookies,  EDD scores,  total scores and fails.     You won't use this tab much.  

Master tab-   You won't need to do much here EXCEPT with detection trials where you will need to put the amounts of substance in the appropriate areas.  All totals will auto-fill here.  I will insert the chief judges signature after it is submitted,  so don't worry about that.  Scorekeepers name will auto fill if you don't forget to put it in the appropriate box on the judges/scorekeepers tab.  

Event or phase tabs-     Scroll over to the yellow boxes with the green row above.  This is the only area of this tab that you will use for entry.   IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PUT THE JUDGES NUMBERS FROM THE JUDGES LIST INTO THE GREEN LINE.   Biggest mistake I see is missing numbers here or not putting the right number here.   Time is entered odd - I know that is a pain, but for excel to properly rank the time,  it has to be in a specific format:  00:00:00    So 1 min, 29 seconds will look like this:    00:01:29      Remember that you enter deductions here,  not totals.  when you enter a perfect score,  you'll put in a 0,  but it will show up on there as a " - "     

What to do if a competitor doesn't attempt a phase or drops out?   Obviously,  if they step up to the line and attempt something and the judges do a scoresheet showing that he actually did attempt it but lost all his points,  then you would just put the total deductions in the yellow area.    The thing to remember is this:  If they are judged,  I need the scores in there.   IF they do not even attempt a phase or otherwise don't continue on with the trial,  then you should use "NS" in the yellow area.    Why?  Because the NS will tell the judges sheet that that judge did not judge one of the competitors,  which gives an accurate number for how many dogs each judge has.     SO NS for those who don't even try,  and a deduction for those who do.    

For Tracking trials,  you'll use a LOT of NS - because remember, only two judges per handler,  so everyone will get an NS in their field except the two judges who judged that handler.  

Department Teams Scores tab-       This is where you will be able to check and sort your teams entries.  Team numbers are assigned back on the Handler/Dog Information tab,  but this tab is where you will see them totaled together.   Just make sure one of the team members didn't fail!     

Sort Scores tab-   This is where the computer will total and sort the placements if you give out awards.  Each phase is separate for your individual region needs.   Totals are there of course,  as well.   

MISC NOTES:   Make sure that you periodically SAVE everything.    Its a good idea to hit save every time you enter a scoresheet or at least fairly often in case something happens.  Again,  I cannot emphasize how important it is for the Chief Judge to look over the trial paperwork.   We really don't need scorekeepers being blamed for something that really is the Chief Judges' responsibility.     

Anytime you need help with anything on the trial program,  please do not hesitate to give me a call!    Thanks!    Melinda  (641-751-7028)